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Motion Higher Network

Aims to connect us via our very own media

Motion Higher Network is meant to act as a medium to share our sacred stories and experiences in relation to justice, compassion, and service.

Reaching natural heights through our shared horizons and individuated presences, those apart of this culmination offer deep insights within interactive wisdom.

By featuring creations and techniques within local communities, the goal is to encourage -- where we find that inquisitive nature that has us aiming and moving higher together, as we evolve and transform uniquely.

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Experimental Ethnographic Media Project

studying hermeneutics of spiritual principles and merging divinities

implementing telecommunication technologies to research and record

following interactive and participatory means of documentation  

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Be An Interlocutor For This Capstone

ethnographic fieldwork happening now
interview themes: intuition, inner world

Share Your Creations
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Sound and the Sensorium

Chandra and Yoga Studies

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Master's Capstone

Motion Higher Network

Experimental Ethnographic Media Project

Fieldwork Active Now | Defense Dec. 2024

Graduate Theological Union

Department of Religion and Practice

Center for Dharma Studies 

​Master of Arts Program 
Sacred Texts and Interpretation
(Hindu) Yoga Studies


Sacred Spaces


सामन्, "song" and वेद, "knowledge"


(Nirguṇa Brahman)

Sacred Forests

Turtle Island

Community Sovereignty
Personal Spirituality

tranquilo y silencio para la artesanía
en las montañas con la luz eternita 

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Sacred Places

Bhakti Yoga
Interfaith Chaplaincy


(Saguṇa Brahman)

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Ethnographic Process

The protocol to work with other humans on this project has been written, rather recently. Further verfication is necessary before I share...

Yoga Studies (Vlog Evaluations)

This post presents two key facets of yoking that have been highlighted on my journey. :: Trimurti :: Sensing internal energetics to...

Sacred Kinship and Kindred Spirits

Currently, I am seeking a way to create the introduction portion of the storyline -- in which I wish to incorporate ornithology and...

Free Flow Writing Exercise

lesson: when free writing becomes a direct circuit in within, allow Face The Sky skies skies clarity love enlightenment flow enjoyment...

Ethnomusicology and the Unfathomable

Dedicating myself to the song, in knowing tradition has allowed me to focus my attention in the present moment. I will be forever...

Tune into Vedic Motion of the Moon

Summary: A focus on the motion of the moon sets the foundation for the initial phase of Jyotiṣa, which is known as the science of...

Featuring -- The Library

forest chapel and creative center The library offers film screenings, film studies and discussion, as well as space for workshops and...

Where You Are Within

~ Where You Are is a creative avenue to participate in the sustainability act of where you are rooted, where you currently reside, and...

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