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Dar-Dar Darling Boy

to our beloved family dog, Dar

Dr. Darwin, Mr. Guy

Mr. Nibbles, Mr. Snorty, Mr. Sniffers

Darskee Winskee Binskee

Dewey, Dewster


Also, Mr. Sleepers, or Mr. Sweepers, Mumahs "angel eyes"

He says, he coming with me to the sacred forests.

Thank you for getting me through my coursework, little buddy! Since day one, you were with me and my books, pillows and blankets. Thank you for making it to the end! I will never forget to slow down my work horse and pace myself, through this work of life, to rest and relax -- no matter what anybody else says -- upon all that your yielding taught me.

Daily Walk With Darwin

This video exhibits a set of takes with buoyant dog Darwin, as he walks through an apartment complex and strolls through the area, like any other day. The video as a whole consists of long takes and wide shots to display his curious nature and gentle demeanor.

Thank you for viewing! Please reach out if you are interested in having a video shoot with your dog!


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