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Ethnographic Process

The protocol to work with other humans on this project has been written, rather recently.

Further verfication is necessary before I share the contract and begin recording, while I am so grateful to have felt fully into the measure of the ethnographic process and interviewing experience.

The writing out of the lengthy contract actually humanized the entire procedure for me, feeling the value of a contract as well as remembering how amazing ethnography can actually be upon proper measure and care.

The videos below offer a scope into my ethnographic path within the mountain where I have been doing fieldwork the past year, after living at the equator for two years, while fully embodying the role and energy of a theologian in utter contemplation of nature and human ecology.

Life as an ethnographer... where can I carry my camera? How and why?


The most exciting factor is the bringing of Ethnography into Theology...

The interdisciplinary approaches that are being explored and expanded upon today within scholarship as well as many other spheres is changing the world.

The key to remember is the value and benefit of cross pollination, specifically in relation to the inner world and outer experience, or otherwise the inner experience and outer world.


When I realized my desired focus on the MOON -- it started with the self, and therefore brought out within auto-ethnography...

Now, I am incredibly grateful to consider more now how others relate with the moon.

The only wonder I have is how I am to tune down my love and appreciation for the moon, as well as see how much I may not initially bring up the moon during interviews.

May it be possible for me to not at all mention the moon, and yet the moon is naturally brought up amongst the mountain people?


Auto-ethnography the past year has lended to tremondous transformation...

After a year in mountain, I am so looking forward to creating a form of a comparative analysis with others who may have experience transformation while residing in the mountain...


Field note from a year ago, as I was dropping into connecting with the worlds of the mountain...

Truly, I am contemplating whether or not I am to continue making field notes via videos as it seems rather handy and convenient for one who is naturally contemplative and appreciates a space to speak in canons.

Furthermore, I am grateful for my focus on yoga studies, the tides and the moon, along with death and dying, upon the cycles of life and soul transformations, rather than the medical. My path, I once thought was medical anthropology, until I met with prominent professors in that field, and they had no idea my words of the energetic body. I sense as time has passed since, they naturally have a greater sense of energy and such knowledge, in which case maybe I too would have eventually fit in with these anthropologists. Nonetheless, I am so glad to be with nature outside the medical establishment, as personally, I know that solely focusing on the medical would have only made my research lens more and more critical toward the entire globe upon others' havocs.

Now, I am here in the mountain, and there is no need to prove faith or fight for faith in the self or the other, as grace comes with rivers and waterfalls ~ for we are here to share the experience of transformations still coming to form and coming to be known within ~


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