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Sacred Forests

Sustainability Act

Nature reminds the sage of the truth sensed in the teachings. My research focuses on multiple aims toward critical indigenous epistemologies for eco-theological reflection on vision quests and rite-of-passages as sages.

While recognizing Hindu ecological “cosmovisions,” I explore sustainability ethics within Caitanya Vaisnava eco-theological motifs that are passages for integration and absorption into peace and harmony, while acknowledging significant Vedic ecological visions and eco-theological motifs.

Overall, I aim to amplify the purpose of exploring religious sources for sentiment on interacting with the forest, while drawing attention to how Hinduism imbues divine love and awareness. I find that following the practice of self-renunciation as a sacred duty in forest life leads to natural techniques of satyagraha or persistence in search of truth. At it all, my thesis aims to explore the benefit of eco-ministry in local forests and rainforests, to expand upon ecological awareness and unconditional love that is revealed in prevalent Hindu ethics.

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