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Motion Higher Network

Aims to connect us via our very own media

Motion Higher Network is meant to act as a medium to share our sacred stories and experiences in relation to justice, compassion, and service.

Reaching natural heights through our shared horizons and individuated presences, those apart of this culmination offer deep insights within interactive wisdom.

By featuring creations and techniques within local communities, the goal is to encourage -- where we find that inquisitive nature that has us aiming and moving higher together, as we evolve and transform uniquely.

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Master's Capstone

Motion Higher Network

Experimental Ethnographic Media Project

Fieldwork Active Now | Presentation Dec. 2024

Graduate Theological Union

Department of Religion and Practice

Center for Dharma Studies 

​Master of Arts Program 
Sacred Texts and Interpretation
(Hindu) Yoga Studies


Sacred Forests

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Sacred Spaces

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Experimental Ethnographic Media Project

studying hermeneutics of spiritual principles and merging divinities

implementing telecommunication technologies to research and record

following interactive and participatory means of documentation  

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People's Park Soundscapes

The Phenomenology of Voice, Place, Perception, and the Body
2019-2020 - Senior Honor's Thesis (Anthropology)

Throughout the years of 2019 and 2020, I studied sound and the sensory within the daily life of People’s Park in Berkeley, California. I was inspired to address the Park as an historic landmark with a place-based history, and through oral history and ground-level audio ethnography, I found there has never been a social agreement for aesthetic standards. To explore means of decision-making and conflict resolution, I considered how the Free Speech Movement influenced the principles declared by the contemporary People’s Park Committee. I then paid attention to how a principle like “free speech” was not always granted to a vocal community like the homeless due to widespread political silencing. All throughout my field research, I inquired about values and qualities of speech and silence through an evaluation based around sound studies. In the end, I was led to explore how the atmosphere is imbued with the sensibility of liberation, which leads the Committee to characterize the atmosphere through the “free speech” principle.

Voice & Craft Interview 
| Max Ventura || Ethnomusicologist |
Interview and Fieldwork, 2019-2020

(Berkeley, California, USA) a time when People's Park defenders FACE the fear within the rest of the world to say natural open space is absolutely essential in urban environments...interviewing on how activism has become necessary within Berkeley, as history is being lost upon a massive influx of foreign exchange students and computer science engineers, asking leaders to find a way to fully account for ALL voices, recognizing that homelessness represents an urban act of neglect and total lack of care for something other than the dollar...

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Voice & Craft Interview 
| Gillian Cameron || Yoga Instructor |
Interview and Fieldwork, 2017-2018

(Sebastopol, California, USA) a time when sound medicine is EMERGING into the GLOBAL-LOCAL NEXUS...interviewing on her practice into a gradual build of personal techniques, finding a healing pathway or otherwise known as a groove within her own healing craft and her own etheric awareness...

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Voice & Craft Interview 
| Kerry, Ursula, and Tracy || Meditation Teachers |
Interview and Fieldwork, 2018

(Oakland, California, USA)

...after years of daily meditation through sahaja yoga modalities as embraced and encouraged by Her Holiness Shri Mataji, three meditation teachers offer awareness of esotericism and techniques for knowing one's own vibration within the Oakland Peace Center, free of charge...

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Ethnography of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Participatory Ethnography
Experimental Ethnographic Film Course - Spring 2018

Through the scope of anthropology, I explored participant observation during a series of meditation classes guided by devoted Sahaja yoga teachers at the Oakland Peace Center. I aimed to address world political power relations that incidentally evoke a spiritual path toward individual sovereignty. Upon the New Age movement, Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi inspired my yoga teachers to find a path through Sahaja. Three decades later, I sit in their classes and learn about their perception of the "kundalini awakening." A topic on the diffusion of kundalini led me to focus my ethnography on the perception of a spiritual paradigm shift across the globe.

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Along the river frontage, there is natural encouragement for your own yoga. Aspects of nature and interaction bring tranquility and conviviality to the study. Please reach out in advance to coordinate regarding holding space to offer or share your own presentation or conference, showcase or exposition, workshop or production, class or seminar, practice or technique, ritual or ceremony. Our private practice venue offers great spaciousness for personal spirituality!

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