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Sacred Kinship and Kindred Spirits

Currently, I am seeking a way to create the introduction portion of the storyline -- in which I wish to incorporate ornithology and mythology.

Before going into the body of the film with the main characters of the story, I wish for an introduction sequence in which there is tremendous foreshadowing of the storyline. The film leaves us without words, though is without many words that leave the story a mystery -- I ponder how we may share more in the beginning to prepare the audience, respectfully knowing a brilliant audience.

Sequence Search for Short-Film: Sacred Kinship and Kindred Spirits

The story consists of the way in which we may come to know and unbind a 'mother wound' that ruptures within the void of a soul -- where one is led to lean into pain, Bhakti Yoga.

The birdsong or metaphor of airways is the idea to consider in this short-film -- what is the best way to encourage Bhakti -- right-off-the-bat -- acknowledging eternal love shared within sacred kinship and the building of trust between kindred spirits.

The film is in the process of production, upon a series of life transitions that commenced within the earthly knowing of existence -- upon the three realms of existence, or qualities of nature.

Studying the guñas has allowed me to realize how this short-film needed to move with the pace(s) of nature, while I feel entirely inclined to complete "Sacred Kinship and Kindred Spirits."

Sequence Search Short-Film "Sacred Kinship and Kindred Spirits" Seeking Input for Intro Sequence...

Name an ornithological myth, applying to emotional devotion

Consider a myth, pathway or story -- in which we may come to know how feminine guidance leads a character to return a matrilineal gift to another character, who is offered a rite-of-passage to ascend into the cosmos after descending into the void.

Over the past two years B-roll has been collected for this film, while residing in rainforests for cinematography. Most of the footage of this film was shot in Summer 2021 — filmed in the San Francisco Bay Area, before being pushed out of Northern California during monsoon season, with climate trauma (naturally) subsiding — it is now possible to complete production.

Sacred Kinship and Kindred Spirits


Dir. Maurena Leigh McKee

It becomes essential to share more in the beginning of the film. So please share a bird myth if one comes to mind, for the introduction sequence of this film, please reach out and share.



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