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Where You Are Within

Updated: Mar 28

~ Where You Are is a creative avenue to participate in the sustainability act of where you are rooted, where you currently reside, and where you are traveling ~

Welcome to the Where You Are Within project!​

  • space to emphasis being "here and now"

  • sphere to share ideas about divine nature

  • place where we can honor our sacred planet

~ Explore this project and all that it offers your heart—perhaps this project will spark insight where you are ~

Please visit more of this website to also explore how our creative avenue brings forth creations and conversations highlighting critical environmental resolutions.

​~ Lavender Spirit Creations ~

Craft by Nature Ethnographer + Śākta Theologian

Representing the Center for Dharma Studies (CDS)

Inspired by the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) Sustainability 360° Initiative



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